Overflow Crowd turns out for Rally and Meeting to Oppose IP Tire Burn:
"Tire Burning Not Welcome, IP proposal gets hostile reception in Middlebury"
--Burlington Free Press

"Tire-burning plan finds little favor"--Rutland Herald

Local residents concerns made front page news as hundreds packed the VFW Hall in Middlbury to protest IP's tire burn. (photos above of rally before event)

"IP's pollution control will not remove the fine particulates that will be most harmful."
—Dr. Jack Mayer

Take a stand against this threat to your health and safety by International Paper!

IP plans to burn 72 tons of tires a day as early as January 2006 (over 2,400,000 tires a year).

Now we are in the critical comment period. The comments at the August Rally were not recorded by any state agency and basically don't count. Over 300 Vermonters traveled in a Caravan of 8 Buses to Ticonderoga Wed., November 9, 2005. We were joined by Governor Douglas who has pledged to fight the test burn of tires by IP with every means available to the State of Vermont including legal action.

There was also a comment meeting in Vermont where hundreds of Vermonts turned out to voice their opposition to the tire burn.

Exerpts from a letter by Governor Douglas about the tire burn:

"As you know, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation has issued a draft Title V Air Quality Permit amendment which would allow IP to conduct a test burn using tire derived fuel (TDF). While I recognize the economic importance of IP to our states – Vermonters are employed there as well as New Yorkers – I join with thousands of other Vermonters in opposing this plan, especially in light of IP's persistent refusal to upgrade the pollution controls at the Ticonderoga facility by installing an Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) on the power boiler before proceeding with any plan to burn TDF. Notably, IP has ESPs installed on every boiler that regularly burns TDF across the nation and on another smaller boiler at the Ticonderoga facility. That is the right thing to do: ESP control devices are considered the industry standard pollution control device when using TDF.

IP maintains that burning processed waste tires is critical to their future viability, as it will provide a significant source of low-cost energy for the plant. However, IP also maintains that the cost of an ESP is prohibitively expensive for the Ticonderoga facility. Those are not strong enough reasons for us to ignore the impacts that burning TDF will have on air quality in Vermont, especially the impact it will have on the communities in Addison County, Vermont, directly across Lake Champlain from Ticonderoga. If IP continues to refuse to install an ESP, and if the New York Department of Environmental Conservation refuses to require them to do so, I will stand with my fellow Vermonters and explore all available options, including legal challenges to IP's underlying air quality permit."
--Governor James Douglas (read the full letter)

Exerpt from Editorial by Senator James Jeffords who is stronly opposed to the IP test burn: "Simply put, IP wants to burn tires at its Ticonderoga plant without the appropriate emissions control technology. Misinformation continues to be reported in the media about the technology currently installed on the facility, leading to the erroneous suggestion that IP has addressed the concerns. It has not." -- Sen. James Jeffords (read the full editorial)

We need your help to make International Paper listen to our concerns about our health and the protection of our agricultural lands and the waters of Lake Champlain. IP WILL SAVE $3.8 MILLION A YEAR. THEY REFUSE TO SHARE A PORTION OF THAT SAVINGS INVESTING IN POLLUTION CONTROL TO PROTECT THE HEALTH OF THEIR NEIGHBORS. Why won't IP commit to returning some of the savings they will realize from burning tires to the community in the way of cleaner air and lower emissions? Why should IP insist that downwind communities tolerate more pollution from IP? Why should IP be the only one to benefit, and the community have to bear all the risks and burdens?

From the Rutland Herald article on August 18th event--
"Why aren't we allowed to burn our trash in our barrels when they are allowed to burn tires?"
--Autumn Sombric, 7 years old of Bridport, VT

"If New York's environmental regulations are not strict enough, that is not IP's problem, its a problem for your legislators." --IP Moderator and Spokesman, Tom Jorling, former head of the New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation (the dept. that rules on IP's permit application)

So the time has come to change the laws that allow companies to increase pollution at the risk of residents. Take the time NOW to write Gov. Douglas of Vermont, Gov. Pataki of New York, and Commissioner Sheehan of the NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation.

More about the permit application and tire burn (follow the link for more information)

Why burning tires for fuel is unsafe (follow the link for more information)

International Paper Company's Permit Application was Originally Found Incomplete!
Nothing has changed in the revised application that will make burning tires safer!


International Paper Company of Ticonderoga, NY has a long history (click here to see IP's environmental track record) of being the largest polluter of Lake Champlain, the Champlain Valley and Vermont.

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