Green Campaign to Make IP Burn clean

Even if regulators don’t do their jobs and the courts fail us — As consumers we can still win! International Paper makes a wide range of paper and packaging products, including the coffee cups used by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and the widely used Hammermill office papers. Join us as we urge “green companies” to use green products made without releasing toxic air pollution like IP plans to do by burning tire without the proper pollution controls.

A number of “green companies” use IP products in their packaging. Although IP seems deaf to the concerns of Vermonters, we think they just may listen to their customers. Please help us persuade these companies to put some pressure on IP’s CEO, John Faraci. Our message is simple – No Test Burn of Tire Derived Fuel at IP Ticonderoga without better pollution controls (an ESP)

A few of the Companies who have already joined our Green Campaign and sent messages to IP CEO John Faraci to do the right thing and stop the tire burn without an ESP:


Seventh Generation
Letter from CEO Jeffrey Hollender


Ben & Jerry’s


Newman’s Own Organics

Dan’s Chocolates
of Vermont
Letter from CEO


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters uses millions of International Paper (IP) cups in the thousands of locations they sell coffee. They profit from their Vermont image. On their website they say they are "committed to actions consistent with an environmental conscience in all aspects of our business operations".

As a "socially responsible" business, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters could use their influence as a business partner of International Paper and persuade IP to install an ESP before burning tires. IP will burn 72 tons of tires tires a day this fall without proper pollution controls in place. ANY NEW PLANT BUILT TODAY WOULD BE REQUIRED TO INSTALL AN ELECTROSTATIC PRECIPATOR (ESP) BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO BURN TIRES. All other plants in the United States burning the amount of tires that IP Ticonderoga will burn have ESPs installed.

Please contact Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and ask them to help persuade IP CEO John Faraci to install an ESP at the IP Ticonderoga mill BEFORE BURNING TIRES.

Call (800) 545-2326
Talk to: Robert Stiller, President,
Or: Mike Dupee, VP Social Responsibility
Or: Paul Comey, VP, Environmental Affairs,

Information on IP products.

View IP Printing Papers here.


John V. Faraci, Chairman and CEO
International Paper
6420 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38197
Phone 901-419-7000
Fax 901-419-4633

Or contact his executive assitant by Email:

Other Companies to Contact (who use IP products)
STAPLES | Mark Buckley, VP Env. Affairs, 508-253-0510,
OFFICE DEPOT | Yalmaz Siddiqui VP EA , 561-438-4800,
McDONALDS | Bob Langert, VP-CR, 630-623-3000,
and Mary Infanti, Dir CR, 484-530-6785,

For information on environmentally friendly paper purchasing please go to:
or the information at

From the letter by Jeffrey Hollender, President and CEO of Seventh Generation::

Dear  Mr. Faraci:
It is my understanding that International Paper plans to burn 72 tons of tires and DAILY without an industry standard Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP), and that the Vermont Lung Association President has warned that if this proceeds the air we breathe will be unacceptably toxic.
As a socially  responsible company, situated on the banks of Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT, Seventh Generation  is very concerned with the health of our environment and our community. We view the IP plan to burn waste tires and mill sludge  without appropriate controls as unconscionable, and as reflecting a total  disregard for public health.
I implore you to install the best  available technology ESP Air Pollution Controls PRIOR to the commencement of test burning.  Making such an investment will signal the appropriate level of concern by IP management for the health and wellbeing of the citizens  of New York  and Vermont.
For  the health of our families and our communities, every business should seek to  make the smallest footprint possible, and to adapt the best available  environmental protection. Anything less is, as I said above,  unconscionable.

Please commit in  writing to make these changes and become the “responsible environmental  steward” that International Paper has claimed to be.


Letter from Dan Cunningham, CEO of Dan's Chocolates to IP CEO John Faraci:

Dear Chairman Faraci,

Last fall it came to my attention that International Paper was planning to burn tires and sludge in its Ticonderoga, NY plant. This decision, harmful to our public health, is not consistent with IP's own statement of responsible environmental stewardship. I ask that you install an ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) prior to commencing your test burn.

Dan's Chocolates is the first company in the nation to change its paper buying procedures based on IP's actions. We have transferred over $_______ of business away from your Xpedx division. Our box manufacturers have been instructed that no IP materials are allowed in any of our products, representing annual IP sales of $______.

We have restricted IP from bidding on another $______ of paper materials, bringing total IP lost sales to over $_______ annually. At our current growth rates this will increase significantly in fiscal 2007.

We are considering broadcasting our concerns about IP's disregard for the public health to over 125,000 consumers in our catalogs and email, so they may make their own informed decisions in the marketplace.

We ask that you act as a responsible stakeholder in the New England region and install an ESP at your Ticonderoga plant. We will then consider reinstating IP as a Dan's Chocolates vendor.


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