The Tire Burn has Ended — but there is Still more to do.

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11-15-06 - The International Paper Tire Burn Test has been cancelled due to much higher than expected emissions from burning tires. Please help us see that all results from this tire burn are made public by International Paper, their hired consultants and the NYDEC.

Statement Of Vermont’s Congressional Delegation
On International Paper’s Decision To Halt Trial Tire Burn
-- November 14, 2006
"IP's decision to abandon its test burn of tires is positive news, but we believe Vermonters should not have been subjected to these emissions in the first place. It took IP a full week of test burning to learn what we have been telling them all along: the plant needs updated equipment before it burns tires for fuel.  We remain extremely concerned that the available data suggest that pollution levels from the week-long burn approached the permitted limit and exceeded IP's expected levels.  If IP had not taken this action, the delegation was prepared to call on EPA to shut down this test burn.  The delegation will press EPA to see that all of the data from the test burn is made public.  We will continue to monitor results to ensure that the any environmental or health effects of this test are known, and that the people of the Champlain Valley are not subjected to any more trials at their expense."

Write these people and demand a full disclosure of the International Paper Tire Burn Results:
Denise Sheehan, Acting Commissioner, NYDEC,
New York Governor George Pataki, Click here to send a message to Gov. Pataki
Vermont Governor James Douglas, Click here to send a message to Gov. Douglas
Senator James Jeffords, Send a message to Senator Jeffords
Senator Patrick Leahy, Send a message to Senator Leahy
Senator Hillary Clinton Click here to send a message to Senator Clinton
Representative Bernie Sanders Send a message to Rep. Sanders
John Faraci, CEO International Paper, Email:
Stephen Johnson, Administrator, EPA, Email:
Alan J. Stephen, Head EPA Region 2, Email:

The International Paper Tire Burn is just another example of why the EPA should be investigated for failing to protect the health of American citizens as they were mandated by the Clean Air Act. We feel the next Congress should investigate the EPA.

A report issued July 26, 2006 by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) concludes the Environmental Protection Agency's implementation of the Clean Air Act air toxics program has been inadequate, with substantial opportunities to reduce emissions of cancer-causing air toxics remaining unaddressed by the EPA. According to GAO: "95 percent of all Americans face an increased likelihood of developing cancer from air toxics---pollutants such as benzene, asbestos and chlorine-- by breathing outdoor air (Page 1) More About the Report
Download a copy of the GAO Report about the EPA

The test is over, our letter is perhaps old news . . . but many questions remain.
The International Paper Tire Test Burn Must Stop Now!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The test results are in. Burning tires at International Paper (IP) Ticonderoga mill is unsafe. To continue the IP tire burn for two more weeks is irresponsible and negligent. If the tire burn continues on Monday, November 13 we demand that federal agencies investigate the failure of the EPA and the NYDEC to protect public health and examine the flawed data that enabled a facility to burn tires without the minimum pollution controls the EPA itself has deemed necessary to burn tires safely.

On Friday, November 10 the first results from burning 1 ton of tires per hour were reported from the Thursday test. In the first hour of testing it was found that burning 1 ton of tires per hour exceeded the Federal permitted limits by 9 percent. The levels were so high the test was shut down before the third and final hour of testing could be completed. This level was only 1/3 of the 3 ton per hour level that the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) felt would be safe. If burning 1 ton of tires has been shown to be unsafe at International Paper why did the EPA and NYDEC permit International Paper to burn 3 tons per hour?

It is quite obvious the data in the permit that has allowed IP to go ahead with the tire burn is flawed. We questioned this data during the public comment hearings and never felt our concerns were answered by the NYDEC. It is distressing that tires burned continuously day and night Tuesday and Wednesday and no emissions tests were made until the third day of burning tires on Thursday.

Federal levels of toxic exposure to emissions are based on healthy adults. To continue the International Paper tire burn on Monday at even the ½ ton per hour level will mean that children, the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions will still be exposed to levels that are too high.

The science advisory board to the EPA has recommended that the current levels of particulate exposure to the public be reduced in half. The EPA has failed to act on these recommendations. The Government Accountability Office has found the EPA has failed to fulfill its mission as mandated by the Clean Air Act. It has found the EPA to be years behind in implementing standards that will protect public health and save lives.

The International Paper tire burn test is not being conducted in a lab. It is being conducted near our homes and our farms. It is being conducted on our loved ones and us. International Paper, the State of New York, the EPA – all have the power stop the tire burn now. If they fail to act they must be held accountable.

The Board of People for Less Pollution, Inc.


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