NRDC, New York Groups Join Opposition to Tire Burn
The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which has over 110,000 members in New York State and 8,000 members in Vermont, recently wrote a very detailed and technical letter to the NYDEC asking them not to allow a test burn of tires until certain measures were taken, including installation of an ESP or multiple Baghouse filters. The letter concluded by saying "the Ticonderoga facility already releases over 600,000 pounds of hazardous pollution each year, so burning tires without incorporating the precautions, technical adjustments and oversight outlined above would increase the emissions and their risks. These risks are wholly unavoidable, and DEC would be remiss if it did not take all necessary steps to assure that this trial TDF burn is done with proper protections and oversights.
Download the entire NRDC Letter to the NYDEC (pdf file 1.5MB)


An Entire Community Opposed!
The tire burn has had an impact on all aspects of life in Addison County. At the Festival of Wreathes this past holiday season a decorated tire created by Brett Weeks joined the other wreathes that were auctioned off to raise money for local charities (tire wreath above is from the collection of Stephen Terry). This year the Vermont Folkllife Center's Annual Gingerbread house exhibit featured a huge gingerbread IP Plant overshadowing the tiny homes of residents of Shoreham, Vermont.

Vermont to Set Aside $250,000 to Sue International Paper over Tire Burn
Vermont legislators say they're giving Gov. James Douglas the money he needs to sue International Paper over its plan to test burn old tires. The $250,000 addition to a Vermont budget adjustment bill garnered little discussion in the Vermont State Assembly Committee on Appropriations that approved the measure, according to the chairwoman, Rep. Martha Heath (D-Westford, Vt.). "Everyone on my committee was supportive of doing this. We're all aware of the health concerns that the people living in Addison County have."
Rutland Herald Article, Jan. 11, 2003

Vermont Attorney General's Office
Files Comments Against Tire Burn

"For the past three decades, tens of thousands of tons of air contaminants are emitted each day from International Paper Companyís Ticonderoga Mill. These pollutants are blown by prevailing westerly winds into and across Vermont, and these pollutants have adversely affected the pristine quality of the air Vermonters breathe. If allowed, burning TDF in the Millís power boiler will result in increases in emissions of particulates, sulfur dioxide, hazardous air pollutants and metals, which has the potential to significantly worsen Vermontís air quality and result in serious public health impacts." –Vermont Atty. General
Download Vermont Attorney General Technical Comments (PDF File 2.1 MB)

International Paper Tire Burn to Increase Fine Particulate Levels Just as EPA Proposes to Cut Daily Levels of Fine Particulates in Half
To further improve public health across the country, the EPA Administrator signed on December 20, 2005 proposed revisions to its national air quality standards for fine particle pollution and for some coarse particles. Particle pollution also is known as particulate matter, or PM.
According to the EPA effects associated with short-term exposure to high enough levels of fine PM2.5 can cause:
• Premature death in people with heart and lung disease
• Non-fatal heart attacks
• Increased hospital admissions, emergency room visits and doctor’s visits for respiratory diseases
• Increased hospital admission and ER visits for cardiovascular diseases
• Increased respiratory symptoms such as coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath
• Lung function changes, especially in children and people with lung diseases such as asthma
• Changes in heart rate variability
• Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat)
• Changes in subtle indicators of cardiovascular health, including levels of C-reactive protein and fibrinogen
Fact Sheet on EPA new proposed PM 2.5 rules You can comment on EPAs new proposal

EPA PLAN is a Disappointment – American Lung Association says we need stronger standards.

Plagued by Pollution EPA estimates that particle pollution shortens the lives of its victims by an average of 14 years.
Fine particle pollution is one of the nation’s most pervasive air pollutants and its most deadly
. Unfortunately, the Clean Air Act’s New Source Review program, which is critical to reducing fine particle pollution continues to come under attack. A recent analysis found that eliminating the program would cut short the lives of 70,000 Americans in the next two decades, as a result of higher levels of fine particle pollution in the air than current law permits. Policymakers should reject weakening changes to the program and instead enforce the law.

Why burning tires for fuel is unsafe (follow the link for more information)

International Paper Company's Permit Application was Originally Found Incomplete!
Nothing has changed in the revised application that will make burning tires safer!


International Paper Company of Ticonderoga, NY has a long history (click here to see IP's environmental track record) of being the largest polluter of Lake Champlain, the Champlain

Read about the 300 Vermonters who traveled by bus on a rainy November night to protest the Tire Burn by IP and make their comments heard by the NYDEC

And Please send us a contribution to keep this grass roots effort going to protect the air and health of residents of the Champlain Valley.

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